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  • Does time or technology stand in your way from expanding your business?
  • Are there people who follow you on social media that you would like to convert to clients?
  • Did you ever have someone tell you that they are too embarrassed to let you in their home, even for a consultation?
  • Do you want to grow your speaking business but struggle with packaging your messaging? 
  • Have you ever thought, "how am I going to find the time to develop a program considering everything else on my plate?"

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, our CLUTTER CLINIC Presentation Package might be just what you (and your clients) are looking for!

What is the Clutter Clinic? 

I created the Clutter Clinic™ in 2013 as a way to connect with people who either weren’t in a position to hire a professional organizer, or were too overwhelmed to even have me enter their home for a consultation, but still wanted the benefits of face-to-face training with a trusted expert.

It was designed as a step-by-step roadmap for the DIYer who needed more motivation and direction than they received from reading a blog post or watching a video. These people craved personal connection and one-on-one interaction in order to begin taking the necessary steps to remove the clutter from their lives.  

Through the Clutter Clinic™, I was providing them with a safe space to ask questions, hear solutions, and realize that they are not alone in their struggle to get and stay organized. 

The Result...

The feedback was so positive, that I wound up making it a repeated event! I also began getting asked to speak to businesses, MOPS groups, and organizations who wanted to hire a speaker for their members or employees. I was monetizing my Intellectual Property while empowering other women to reclaim control of their homes in a fun, non-judgemental environment.

Everything was easy to customize but more than that, Laurie was always available to answer all my questions as I worked on refining the Clutter Clinic to make it my own. 

Where Do You Host Clutter Clinics?

That’s the beauty of the presentation, you can host it anywhere!  

I've hosted CLUTTER CLINICS at restaurants, country clubs, churches for MOPS groups, in people's homes, and for company meetings. I now travel around the country delivering Clutter Clinics.

Net-Net: Anywhere people can gather is a great place to host a CLUTTER CLINIC™!  

Quick Side Note...

I originally designed the program as a "lunch and learn" series. Since my core demographic were busy moms, they were able to drop the kids at school (or preschool), grab a shower and some girlfriends, enjoy lunch (with cocktails of course!), and learn some simple organizing strategies. I leave plenty of time for Q&A before everyone receives their swag bag and heads out to pick up the kiddos! As the event grew in popularity, I experimented with different times of day and venues, ranging from brunches (with mimosas of course!), to Happy Hours (with cocktails, duh!) Are you noticing a trend with each of the clinics? Don't get me wrong; alcohol is optional! As I said, I've hosted plenty of fun and engaging Clutter Clinics over coffee and tea! The beauty of the CLUTTER CLINIC™ is that it is evergreen. Regardless of your demographic, you can apply these strategies in any setting, at any time. I spent years refining the messaging so that I could deliver the most effective message possible. I've done the research, worked out the kinks and have wrapped up the Clutter Clinic™ as a present for you!  

The Win-Win...

Let's face it, not everyone has the means to hire a professional organizer, but why should that close the door for them or you? 

The Clutter Clinic™ is a great way to build relationships, trust, and credibility while monetizing your intellectual property. Best case scenario, your attendees convert to clients. Worst case scenario, they have walked away feeling motivated and inspired to tackle their clutter challenges thanks to attending the seminar.

Furthermore, you should make back your initial investment after your first event! If you only charge $25 per person and sell 25 tickets, that’s $625 in ticket sales. And you can typically sell your tickets for much higher depending on your audience.

Best of all, you get to do what you love, and people pay YOU to share your knowledge, tips and strategies with them!

If you have been thinking about growing your speaking business, but don’t have the time to develop your own custom program, I've got your back!  

Laurie Palau, Founder & CEO

Simply B Organized


OK, Now to the Good Stuff… What’s Included?

  • Slides for a 90 minute presentation of CLUTTER CLINIC: CLASSIC 
  • Downloads for both you and your audience
  • Access to our private Facebook group to answer any questions you have along the way

More Goodies Included in the Package:

  • Feedback Cards 
  • Clutter Clinic Marketing Flyer 
  • Assorted Handouts 
  • Sample Bio 
  • Tips for selling tickets on Eventbrite  

Laurie helped me not only make the Clutter Clinic my own, but also gave me tips and ideas on how to effectively market the clinic to my audience.  

The Clutter Clinic Suits Your Business Needs

The Clutter Clinic™ package license is designed to fit the needs of all small business owners who are looking to provide Clutter Clinics of their very own:

With the White Label WorldWide License, you get: 

  • Everything included in the Clutter Clinic™ package.  
  • The right to replace the Clutter Clinic™ branding from all materials, to be replaced by your branding, colors, and name.  
  • The right to use the Clutter Clinic™ program as a base, customizing the content to suit your business’ needs and ideas, while also removing the Clutter Clinic™ name and branding.  

With a White Label WorldWide License, you have the option to customize the Clutter Clinic™ program as you see fit, changing all slides, materials, and contents to match your branding, name, colors, and ideas. If you choose to use our messaging, great! You are welcome and encouraged to leverage the Clutter Clinic™ name. However, if you want to modify the program, that's fine too! We encourage you to stay authentic to your brand. The only requirement is that you remove all Clutter Clinic™ branding from your newly designed program.

"Wait, so you're telling me that you are going to give me the foundation and I get to tailor it to my unique style and audience?"

YEP! That's exactly what I'm saying. 

During this 30-day introductory period only, we are offering a special price of $499! (usually $649) 

Investment: $649 $499 

I absolutely think you should purchase the Clutter Clinic. It has added such depth to my business and more than that, has provided me with ideas and ways to grow even more with the Clutter Clinic brand! I had a blast giving my first workshop and am already lining up attendees for the next one.  

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If you have been thinking about growing your speaking business, but don’t have the time to develop your own custom program, we’ve got your back!

"I am beyond satisfied with my purchase of the Clutter Clinic. Laurie did a wonderful job of really detailing out and explaining every handout and slide of the presentation."

Monetize your intellectual property with a proven program of success.

Thank you Laurie for producing such rich and vibrant content to work with and use.