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What is the Clutter Clinic™: Kitchen edition? 

I created the original Clutter Clinic™ in 2013 as a way to connect with people who either weren’t in a position to hire a professional organizer, or were too overwhelmed have me enter their home for a consultation, but still wanted the benefits of face-to-face training with a trusted expert. 

Click Here for more information on the original Clutter Clinic.

Is the Clutter Clinic Kitchen right for me?

  • Have you already hosted your own successful Clutter Clinic?
  • Do you want to continue to grow your speaking business and dive into specific topic areas?
  • Do you dream of starting your own speaking business but don’t know where to start?
  • Maybe you already have a presentation business you’re eager to expand?
  • Have you noticed your friends, family, and peers all share the common problem of dealing with clutter in the kitchen?
  • Are you always hearing “sorry, my kitchen is so messy!” from your friends and clients?
  • Are you ready to make money, travel, and empower women by hosting tried-and-tested workshops?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then my Clutter Clinic™: Kitchen Edition presentation package is the perfect choice for you!

After years of success with our original Clutter Clinic™ presentation, I expanded the series to include Clutter Clinic™: Kitchen Edition, a focused program for the most popular and used room in the house.  

Whether you’re a foodie, gourmet cook, or just like to hang out with your friends and family, the kitchen is where you do it. With a constant flow of people and a whole load of clutter, this popular room is often one of the most challenging areas to organize! It’s a great place to start as it has limited emotional clutter and clearly defined zones to start. But don’t worry about that now, I’ll explain all in the program.  

The Result...

The Clutter Clinic™: Kitchen Edition provides a step-by-step roadmap for the home DIYer looking to remove the clutter from their kitchens and their lives. It offers clients a safe space to ask questions, hear solutions, and realize that they’re not alone in their struggle to get and stay organized.

 “Clutter is the Symptom, Not the Root” - Laurie Palau

Everything was easy to customize but more than that, Laurie was always available to answer all my questions as I worked on refining the Clutter Clinic to make it my own. 

-Beth Wilson, Wilson Home Organizing

Where can you host Clutter Clinics™: Kitchen Edition? 

The beauty of this program is that you can host workshops anywhere. In the home, at restaurants, the country club, even at churches for MOPS groups. I deliver workshops that empower women, and so can you! Are you ready to get started?  


Quick Side Note...

I designed the original Clutter Clinic™ program as a “lunch and learn” series. As the event grew in popularity, I started experimenting with different times and venues. I found that evening clinics over cocktails worked just as well as morning clinics over coffee and tea! And that’s the beauty of the Clutter Clinic™: Kitchen Edition. It’s evergreen. You can apply these strategies in any setting, at any time, regardless of your demographic. And with the majority of us owning a kitchen and struggling with taking control of their clutter, this program is for everyone. I spent years perfecting the Clutter Clinic™ message. I've done the research, worked out the kinks, and have wrapped up the Clutter Clinic™: Kitchen Edition as a present for you!


The Win-Win...

Not everyone has the time or money to hire a professional kitchen organizer. That’s where the Clutter Club™: Kitchen Edition comes in. You get to do what you love, sharing your knowledge, while getting paid to do so!  

You can build relationships, trust, and credibility with your attendees, all while monetizing your intellectual property. Best case scenario, your attendees convert to clients. Worst case scenario, they walk away motivated and inspired to tackle their kitchen clutter challenges. It sounds like a win-win to me!  

It’s easy to make back your investment in just one event! If you charge $25 a ticket and sell to 10 people, that’s $250 in ticket sales.  

And I’ll let you in on a secret, with all the knowledge, tips and strategies bundled into this program, you can sell your tickets for an even higher price and still get happy clients!  

If you have been thinking about growing your speaking business, but don’t have the time to develop your own custom program, we’ve got your back!

I absolutely think you should purchase the Clutter Clinic. It has added such depth to my business and more than that, has provided me with ideas and ways to grow even more with the Clutter Clinic brand! I had a blast giving my first workshop and am already lining up attendees for the next one.

-Kimbra Naber, The ReOrg Project  

OK, Now to the Good Stuff… What’s Included?

  • Slides for a 90-minute personalizable presentation of Clutter Clinic: Kitchen Edition
  • Useful downloads for yourself and your audience
  • Access to our private Facebook group for valuable tips, advice, and answers, in one supportive online community

Bonus Goodies 

Included in the original Clutter Clinic™ program.

  • Feedback Cards 
  • Clutter Clinic Marketing Flyer 
  • Assorted Handouts 
  • Sample Bio 
  • Tips for selling tickets on Eventbrite  

Laurie helped me not only make the Clutter Clinic my own, but also gave me tips and ideas on how to effectively market the clinic to my audience.

-Mary Cornetta, Sort & Sweet NY  

The Clutter Clinic™ Kitchen Suits Your Business Needs

The Clutter Clinic™ Kitchen package license is designed to fit the needs of all small business owners who are looking to provide Clutter Clinics of their very own.

  • Everything included in the Clutter Clinic™ Kitchen package.  
  • The right to edit the Clutter Clinic™ Kitchen branding with your branding, colors, and name.  
  • The right to use the Clutter Clinic™ Kitchen program as a base, customizing the content to suit your business’ needs and ideas.

You have the option to customize the Clutter Clinic™ Kitchen program program to match your branding, name, colors, and personal style. If you choose to use our messaging, great! However, all Clutter Clinic materials must otherwise stay in their original format with no alterations or customization to the slides, materials, or contents of the program.

"Wait, so you're telling me that you are going to give me the foundation and I get to tailor it to my unique style and audience?"

YEP! That's exactly what I'm saying. 

Investment: $299

I am beyond satisfied with my purchase of the Clutter Clinic. Laurie did a wonderful job of really detailing out and explaining every handout and slide of the presentation.

-Courtney Wilson, Simpli Sort

Monetize your intellectual property with a proven program of success.

Thank you Laurie for producing such rich and vibrant content to work with and use.

-Margaret Henfling, Sort & Sweet NY